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Post Color


Super size: 3000ml – 101.45 fl OZ

Post-Color Shampoo Ph 4.5

Specific shampoo Post-coloration, a true “beauty bath” for chemically treated hair, is essential to setting and maintaining cosmetic hair color, while keeping hair elastic, soft and lustrous.

DELICATE DUAL ACTION: AFTER COLOR & ANTI – Thanks to the low PH 4.5 factor this luscious shampoo used after professional coloring treatments, completes the fixing of the pigments deep within and ensures durability and brilliance of color. It favors the balance of pH levels while eliminating alkaline
residues. Restores moisture and elasticity reestablishing the proper physiological condition of skin and hair.

HOW TO USE: After the emulsification and rinse out of the cosmetic color cream, apply Post-Color Shampoo to damp hair, gently massage, leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Low Foam Nonionic Natural Surfactants

Post-Color Conditioner Ph 4

Specific Conditioning Post-Color Treatment that reconstructs and offers intensive rehydration and comb-ability. Post-Color Conditioning treatment counteracts the oxidation and aging of cosmetic color enhancing the naturalness and brilliance of color.

HOW TO USE: Following the Post-Color Shampoo distribute generously on lengths and tips of damp hair, gently massage paying most attention to damaged parts, leaving in pose 2-4 min. (delicate heat favors the action of the treatment) then rinse thoroughly and proceed to Colorfix Leave-in Spray.

pH Balancing Target Hair Repair

Super size: 3000ml – 101.45 fl OZ
Super size: 500ml – 16.91 fl OZ

Post-Color ColorFix Leave-in Spray Ph3.5

Intensive Post-Color treatment spray, multi – action, Leave-in. Gives immediate body and vitality to the hair.

IT ALSO CONTAINS: Hydrolyzed keratin that gives strength and vigor to the hair. Vitamins A – E – F done anti oxidant, rejuvanating qualities while Aloe vera extract and oil of St. John’s wort give moisturizing and emollient properties to soothe and balance reddened or dry areas, while UV and heat screens protects hair and skin from sun and heat damage.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: parabens and allergens.

Easy to use, has multiple properties:
1. Increases the shine of the hair.
2. Repairs damaged hair.
3. Disciplines frizzy hair.
4. Facilitates combing.
5. Prevents split ends.
6. Gives body and volume.
7. Increases the logevity and intesity of
cosmetic color.
8. Protects from heat damage.
9. Speeds up the drying.
10.Helps in creating and maintaining
the hair style.
11. Increases the color fastness.
12. Restores the pH of skin and hair
after every technical treatment.

HOW TO USE: Shake before use. Apply on hair distributing evenly. Can be applied before, during and after styling. Is compatable with all styling & finishing products.