BIG Blu Bleach 1+2 Big Cream Bleach 1+1

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Highlighting Treatments
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Big Bleach


SUPER SIZE: 5000 G – 176,36 OZ

Big Blue Bleach 1+2 Dust Free Concentrate

5000 G – 176,36 OZ

Formulated with Biodegradable Polyglycol-Dust-Inhibiter Technology. This anti-volatile technology creates a dust-free molecular composition with rapid bleaching action that lifts up to 7
levels, making it ideal for lightening darker base shades that require a higher lift concentration. This ammonia free, pH balanced formula adheres well, does not swell or expand to assist in preventing or minimizing overlapping. The Micronized Blue Pigment Technology creates a unique combination of lightening + toning for visibly clearer & cooler blonde results.

Big Cream Bleach 1+1 Cream De-Coloration Treatment

2500 G – 88,18 OZ

This conditioning cream lightener can easily and gently lift up to 6 levels, is ideal for on scalp bleaching treatments as well as free-hand highlightening techniques. Built-in conditioning and barrier oils protect while the ultra-lightening factors work on lifting the melanin molecules to the desired levels. The anti-yellow features work to neutralize warm hues from inside-out, giving it excellent toning capabilities. The creamy emollient formula gives the colorist an unlimited array of lightening technical options and application control.

SUPER SIZE: 2500 G – 88,18 OZ