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Big Color Direct


Super size: 1000 ml – 33.907 fl OZ


Big Color Direct is an alkaline direct color conditioning system. The collection has ten concentrated shades. Depending on the amount of color and technique used these luscious, joyous shades can produce amazing colors, change or intensify the natural base tone, create avant-garde effects or gentle natural pastels and highlights. When you want to lighten the BIG Color Direct color shades or create a pastel tone, mix the color with the 000.Pastel White toner a small amount at a time in a bowl until the desired shade is achieved and to darken, intensify, deepen or create more matte color tones gradually add .111Black to the mixture until the desired richness is achieved.

How long does BIG COLOR DIRECT last?

BIG Color Direct retains its tone for 5–30 washings, depending on the color and porosity
of hair as well as the shade used. The final result is more visible in light than dark hair, but hair must be fully lightened to achieve desired pastel shades.
Because washing wears direct color off the hair’s surface, the shade will last longer and be
more intense if heat is appled and if BIG Post Color Color-Fix Leavi-in Spray is used to close
and seal in the color.

Super size: 1000 ml – 33.907 fl OZ
Super size: 1000 ml – 33.907 fl OZ

Who is BIG COLOR DIRECT designed for?

BIG Color Direct is suited for everyone, particularly users with lightened hair who want
bold, specialized fashion colors that can’t be achieved with basic hair colors.
When BIG Color Direct is applied to colored hair it adds intensity to the existing shade or new shade and adds
shine. BIG Color Direct’s creamy composition allows it to be applied precisely with a comb, creating various styles and effects easily and quickly. The shades can be mixed together to create an enormous variety of colors.

Available in 13 Amazing Colors!